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Decorative Bathroom Window

decorative bathroom window

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Bathroom window — daytime

Bathroom window — daytime

I've been trying to get a good photo of this pale blue painted grapevine and the metal swallow that I rested inside it. Both the wreath and the bird are "as found" with original paint applied by whomever owned them before me. The bird is made from some sort of cast metal and that's been painted a brassy gold color. The blue of the wreath compliments the blues in my vintage bathroom, so I've left it as is. It hangs from the window locking-mechanism with a narrow blue satin ribbon.

Bathroom Remodel - After

Bathroom Remodel - After

The finished prodect! Well...ALMOST! I still need to get the new curtains for the window and install the safety rails in the walls so mom can get in and out of the tub. But that's not critical to the usage of the room! There are some decorative touches I am planning, but at this point, everything (but the rails) is installed and working!! YEAH!!!

decorative bathroom window

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decorative bathroom window

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