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New Decorating Book

new decorating book

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Selina Lake - Decorate Book

Selina Lake - Decorate Book

By Holly Becker & Joanna Copestick
With Photography by Debi Treloar
Published by Jacqui Small
Designer Robin Rout

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Holly Becker in person at her book Launch Event for her new book Decorate at Liberty's in London, and I got my copy signed with a very sweet personal message. It was a wonderful evening, with lots of lovely people and fellow bloggers to meet and chat to. Decorate is a wonderfully designed book with loads of inspiring images, as always Debi's photography is fantastic! I recommend everyone to buy yourself a copy of this Fab Interiors book, and if you do check out my little contributions in the form of two quotes on pages 118 and 265. Thank you Holly for including me. All the best with the rest of the Launch!

New Book Case

New Book Case

Finally found a place for the mirror - we've had it for months.

It's still a matter of finalizing what will stay on the book shelves, but we have time for that. At least this wall is not empty any longer....

This photo was taken first thing in the morning - hadn't open the shutters yet.

new decorating book

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